2017 is already on pace to beat last year’s $19 billion investment robotics record, with the recent announcements of Intel’s $15B purchase of Mobileye; ABB’s $2B acquisition of Bernecker & Rainer; and Ford’s $1B investment in Argo AI. However, true artificial intelligence is far from delivering on the promise of an autonomous future. The excitement for the next cognitive industrial revolution is reaching new heights, but could disillusionment be around the corner? In this engaging session, robotics entrepreneur and investor Oliver Mitchell will explore:

  • The societal impact of robotics on jobs and business profit margin
  • Review successful case studies of augmenting human labor with machines, replacing the “dull, dirty and dangerous” blue collar jobs with creative “grey collar” workers
  • Provide an overview of the current landscape of robotic deployments, and dig in to the hot beds of innovation from government to academia to global innovation centers.