Last year we took our humble startup from zero to $2M. And we took a somewhat nontraditional approach. It wasn’t through a massive fundraising round or PR stunts that would result in a ton of quick hits and one-off sales. Rather, we accomplished our goals all through smart inbound marketing and consultative sales.

What type of content always wins eyeballs? Once you have engaged a prospect, how do you use content to keep them in the funnel and eventually through to conversion? Having played the dual role of marketer and salesperson, I saw what worked and what didn’t, and how to meet the needs of our future customer with the right content, delivered at the right time.

In this session, I will outline the exact steps we took to reach $2M in one year with inbound marketing.

Key takeaways:

  • How we came to understand our buyer, really and truly.
  • What types of content we used to spark that initial interest.
  • How we leveraged buyer persona insights and the buyer journey to create deal-winning content.
  • What types of content best supported our sales team.
  • How we convinced our board inbound was more effective than outbound, then made them believers.