The average life expectancy of a company on the Fortune 500 has decreased from 75 years to just 15 years, and is trending towards just 5 years. Up to 75% of the companies on that list in 2020 may be companies we’ve never heard of. In this talk, you’ll learn the specific frameworks that startups use to test their ideas and build great businesses. If you’re already a great business, learn how to your company can survive the future. If you’re starting out and eager to grow, learn how you can compete with powerful and entrenched incumbents.

You’ll walk away from this session being able to:

  • Get beyond the buzzwords, the specific applied frameworks of disruptive innovation.
  • Indentify new test new ideas to find a fit between your product and a market.
  • Understand the math that powers a startup.
  • Go from startup mode to scale-up mode and build a great business.
  • Create disruption so that innovation can happen within your company or around your company, but never to your company.